About Hapki Yu Kwon Sul (Representative Form)

This is the first case to block the Gumgang guard. Ah Hum Gumgang is a guardian deity who guards and
guards the Buddha statue of SeogGulam, a cultural heritage of Silla. The history that appeared in China
and Japan was a terrifying and intense impression, but it was close to humans, and there was a circle
behind the head, not only the body, but also wisdom and virtues. One of the characteristics of the
jurisdiction of Hapki six authority is that one hand is defensive and the other hand is offensive. This
movement first appeared in Buddhism during the Silla period. The Ah Hum Gumgang guard and Inwang
guard that guard the entrance to Seoggulam are said to suppress and influence the invading demons. In
Hapki yukwonsul, it means giving freedom through surrender and influence, striking the current palm
(TAP) means surrender, and releasing it means influence and freedom