Hapki Yu Kwon Sul

August 14th-15th, 2021, Pereira, Columbia
Successor Hapkido Grandmaster Park, Sang-Jun

Hapki Yu Kwon Sul

Hapki Yu Kwon Sul is the first martial arts name used by Deok am Choi Yong-Sul after Daitoryu returned to its origin home with the help of his student Seo Bok-seop. Hapki Yu Kwon Sul is not called a Jong Hap martial art but is called a “CHONGHAP” (total) martial art. Jong Hap martial arts refers to the practice of martial arts training by gathering the merits of martial arts with each principle and Sulli(technique skill), and as a general martial art, there is no conflict with principles such as articulation (jujutsu), Kwon Sul, martial arts, etc. Hapki Yu Kwon Sul, which does not require training, is called total martial art because articulatory martial arts and martial arts are practiced all at once, including one principle

Grandmaster Park Sang Jun

International Hapki Yu Kwon Sul Seminar


Learn the true root of Hapkido. Train with a Korean Hapkido Grandmaster who has a strong lineage to the original Hapkido taught by founder Choi Yoong-Sul.


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Traditional Hapkido

With strong lineage to the found of Hapkido, Grandmaster Park teaches one of the truests forms.

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Hapki Yu Kwon Sul

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